We assess and treat sports injuries, postural problems and work injuries. We help injured clients and athletes return to their previous level of function in the shortest time possible, with the least likelihood of recurrence.

Clinical Pilates

In our small group Clinical Pilates classes, we assess and diagnose your strengths, weaknesses and injuries and design a personalised Pilates program to help you reach your health goals sooner. Health insurance rebates available.

Pilates exercise

Redcord Exercise

Using the latest exercise technology from Europe, Redcord trained Physiotherapists will asses your body for weak links and help you perform safe suspension exercises to strengthen core muscles, switch on weak muscles and tone the body.

Welcome To PhysioTrain

PhysioTrain has clinics in Brighton and Middle Park. We specialise in Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Redcord, management of sports injuries and functional training. Our aim is to get you back on your feet, back to work or back on the sporting field as soon as possible. This requires a thorough assessment and specific treatment techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation or stretching.

After the initial hands-on treatment, we believe that specific, tailored exercise programs are by far the most effective way to strengthen your weak links, build flexibility and resilience back into your body and to reduce the likelihood of re-occurring injuries. Exercise programs developed by our Physiotherapists will prepare you for the rigours of daily life and help you to sustain good health and fitness over the long term.

Why Choose Us?

  • We use the Redcord Weak Link Assessment method to accurately diagnose conditions
  • Our Physiotherapists are experts in designing safe and effective exercise programs
  • Our exercise transition programs help clients return to the gym or sporting field sooner
  • Pre and postnatal Clinical Pilates programs
  • Two clinics in bayside Melbourne: Brighton and Middle Park
  • Claim health insurance rebates instantly with HICAPS