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Recover from injury with our help 

Injuries happen. Whether you like to run, shoot hoops, play netball or swing a golf club, at some point you will experience pain that will prevent you from doing the activities you love.  

There are a lot of treatments out there that can help get you back to normal, but wasn’t ‘normal’ where you were when the injury happened in the first place?

We’ll help you get stronger  

If you just get enough treatment to get back on the track, how long will it be before you hurt yourself again?  

Ask yourself: are you more flexible now you have a torn hamstring, are you stronger now that you have hurt your back?

Theraband exercise
Trail run

Lasting results, not quick fixes  

At PhysioTrain we believe there is more to “getting better” than just the absence of pain. We believe in an active recovery, where we teach you the corrective exercises your body needs to do to get better – to actually improve after your injury.

This is not about quick fixes, but about a lasting return to sport or daily activities.

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Experienced practitioners 

Our Physios have further training in rehabilitation, reformer Pilates and functional exercise. We can prescribe you a home program, or we can put you through your paces in our fully-equipped exercise and Pilates studio in Brighton.

Our services

  • Physiotherapy

  • Clinical Pilates / Reformer Pilates

  • Remedial and sports massage

  • Exercise classes and prescription

  • Golf screening

  • GaitScan feet assessment

  • Custom orthotics

  • Dry needling

Exercise studio

Health insurance rebates apply 

If you have private health insurance you can claim your rebate instantly using HiCAPS.

Claim your helath insurance rebate instantly with HICAPS at PhysioTrain

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