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70% of people ethink foot pain is normal.

Gaitscan and custom orthotics 

70% of people think foot pain is normal. It’s not. 

Our feet are the foundation of our body and the health of our feet can affect our overall health. When a problem develops in your feet, a small change in the way you walk can cause a chain reaction that can cause pain and injury in other areas of the body.

Common foot injuries

Abnormal foot function can result in common conditions such as localised foot pain (bunions and hammer toe) heel and ankle pain (plantar fasciitis / Achilles tendinopathy) and other lower limb problems such as shin splints, knee and hip pain.

Painful feet

Get a free GaitScan today

At our Brighton clinic we offer clients with foot and lower limb pain a free GaitScan appointment to detect abnormal foot function.

GaitsSan is a state of the art force plate linked to a software program that allows our experienced Physios to accurately assess your foot function as you stand and walk across the force plate. This is done by measuring timing sequences, mapping foot pressure and providing an in-depth visual report that you can take home.

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Custom foot orthotics

The data from GaitScan together with a thorough history and biomechanical assessment helps to determine if your foot function is related to your specific problem.

If we identify abnormal foot function that correlates to your symptoms, we can use the GaitScan data to help prescribe custom foot orthotics to help correct the problem. Read the FAQ.

Your custom orthotics, made specifically for your feet, will be ready for collection in three weeks.

SportFlex orthotics
Custom orthotic

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom designed to correct any biomechanical inadequacies of your feet or legs. Orthotics prescribed by our trained Physiotherapists can help your feet maintain correct aligment and redistribute the weight you place on your feet.

Improved alignment, reduces stresses on the foot and lower limbs, helping to alleviate foot problems and reduce the likelihood of future overuse related injury.

Do I need orthotics? 

At PhysioTrain we use a combination of clinical experience and GaitScan technology to decide if you need orthotics including:

  • Interpretation of your history of injury and functional requirements including footwear.

  • Examination by an experienced Physiotherapist which considers biomechanics and factors contributing to your pain and the role for treatment and corrective exercises.

  • The Gaitscan results which may indicate abnormal foot mechanics which contribute to your pain.

Gaitscan foot data