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Golf screening

Did you know that the speed and force of the golf swing can place considerable demands on the body, especially the spine?

Do you get a sore back, elbow or shoulder when playing golf? If you answered yes, then we can help. 

Eliminate pain and improve your game

Golf Screening at PhysioTrain helps recreational golfers remain pain free on the golf course and maintain or improve their performance. Our golf-specific physical examination looks at the movement patterns, flexibility and functional strength requirements of the golf swing.

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TPI certified

TPI certified 

We use a system developed by the world leading Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to screen golfers for areas of tightness, weakness or lack of muscular control that may be affecting their game.

Our TPI certified Physiotherapists are skilled in performing physical screenings and can design a customised exercise program to improve your golfing performance.

Suitable for golfers who:

• Experience pain or fatigue on the golf course

• Have a prior history of recurring injuries

• Have lost distance or control over time

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