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Learning the ropes to core training with Redcord – AusFitPro July/August 2012

Redcord, one of the exercise tools used in PhysioTrain clinics was featured in fitness magazine AusFitPro.

Andrew Hoare, Director of PhysioTrain says Redcord bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance training. “The power of Redcord is its ability to pinpoint a person’s weak links.  Even top-trained athletes may have weak links, which can occur when stabiliser muscles switch off due to pain, strain fatigue or inactivity.  Redcord is used to switch on dormant muscles, restore movement and function , build strength and prevent recurrence of the problem.”

He adds, “Exercises in Redcord are pain-free and can help people who want to recover from injury, enhace strength, improve balance, and function at a higher level.” Read the full article.