Phases of care for injury recovery

At PhysioTrain we are exercise focussed physios. All of our Physios have additional training in Clinical Pilates, Redcord Suspension Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation. This means that we have the training and experience to assess your body to identify which treatment and exercises will be the most effective in reducing and eliminating your pain.

After providing you with initial exercises to reduce your pain (SYMPTOMATIC CARE) we move on to the next phase, CORRECTIVE CARE. This is where a specific assessment is important to determine which areas in your body are stiff, tight or lack flexibility, as well as the areas which lack muscular strength or control.  For example, a tight hip joint or hamstring will affect the way you run or ride your bike. This could put additional pressure on your lower back and lead you to seek treatment for lower back pain. Initial treatment and exercises should be directed at making your back feel better, but as soon as you begin to recover from the back pain, your time would be better spent working on that tight hamstring or hip joint, so that your pain does not come rushing back as soon as you return to your favourite activities. So hamstring stretching or hip mobility work in this case would be referred to as CORRECTIVE exercises.

The final phase of rehabilitation is the (MAINTENANCE or) WELLNESS phase.  Here we take a longer term view with the aim of helping you take your health and fitness to higher levels than before the injury – maybe even to a higher level than ever before!

At PhysioTrain we have a range of exercise equipment that other studios simply do not have. So in our Clinical Pilates classes we can take you from an injured state all the way back to very high level exercise, all while keeping your session safe, functional and challenging.

See the FAQ’s for more information on our Clinical Pilates service, and do not hesitate to contact us to find out if this exercise program is the one for you.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination, and we look forward to helping you along your journey to health and wellness.

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