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Pilates reformer exercise

Clinical Pilates

Recover from injury, build strength and boost your fitness in our small group reformer Clinical Pilates classes.

Join our qualified and experienced Physiotherpaists and Pilates instructors for a personalised Pilates program to target weak muscles, improve posture and strengthen your core.

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Over 30 Pilates classes a week

With more than 30 Clinical Pilates classes held each week, you can exercise when it suits you. We offer before, during and after work classes at our Brighton clinic. 

Our classes are eligible for health insurance rebates and you can claim on the spot using HiCAPS.


Two people doing Clinical Pilates exercises.
Instructor helping people with Clinical Pilates exercises.

60 minute classes 

After an initial 30 minute appointment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists, where they’ll carry out an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and injuries, a personalised program will be developed to help you realise your health and fitness goals.

You’ll then join a 60 minute class to work on the areas of weakness or limited movement identified in your assessment.  Each week your Clinical Pilates program is reviewed and updated by our experienced staff, helping you to make real and lasting changes to your strength and fitness.

Safe and challenging exercises 

Our exercise programs are tailored to your needs, meaning you will always perform exercises that are appropriate to your injury, your body and your fitness level.

Many of our clients come to see us initially due to an injury such as neck, shoulder or lower back pain. After doing gentle, targeted exercises to address their problems, they gradually move on to very challenging exercises that would have been impossible for them a few weeks or months earlier.

Pilates exercise
Woman stretching with Kettlebell

Modern functional equipment 

Realise your body’s full potential by exercising function fitness equipment.

Our Clinical Pilates classes include exercises using reformers, free weights, kettle bells, Bosu and Hi/Lo cable machines and innovative suspension equipment called Redcord that you simply will not see in most other Pilates studios.

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Clinical Pilates can help you recover from

  • Lower back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Postural problems

  • Knee injuries

  • Muscle tightness

  • Running injuries

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Neck injuries