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Redcord Active Corrective Exercise

Redcord_Two people_Supervised 1Duration: 1 day / 7 contact hoursRedcord Active Corrective Exercise builds on the theory and practice from the Redcord Active Introduction Course. You will be introduced to Myofascial chain testing and corrective exercises that restore optimal muscle interaction. The exercises are integrated into more advanced training, stability training, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

Who the course is suitable for:

Redcord Active Corrective Exercise is suitable for all
Physiotherapists, pilates instructors, coaches and personal trainers.
The course aims to expand your knowledge on suspension training.

Some of the topics in the course:

  • Standardised tests of kinetic muscle chains
  • Theory on biomechanics, myofascial chains and Weak Links (muscular imbalances and weaknesses)
  • “Corrective Exercise” – exercises to restore optimal muscle interaction
  • Dosage – how to use multiple dosing elements to find the right level of exercise / challenge / relief

Our Redcord Active courses are based on 20 years of experience Neurac treatment, which documented the effects of different injuries and conditions. All exercises and experiences are currently used by professionals to increase performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. See course dates and prices or contact PhysioTrain for more information.