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Redcord exercise with a Physiotherapist

Strengthen your body with Redcord suspension exercises

PhysioTrain clinics are the first in Australia to use Redcord, an evidence-based physical assessment and training tool developed in Europe.

The power of Redcord is in its ability to detect ‘weak links’ in the body; muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your pain or movement problem.

Exercise with Redcord 

PhysioTrain’s Redcord trained Physiotherapists will asses your body for weak links and get you performing high intensity sling exercises to strengthen core muscles, switch on weak muscles and tone the body.

The high intensity, functional training exercises performed during Redcord and Clinical Pilates classes will have you feeling energised and aware of muscles you haven’t used in years.

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Andrew Hoare teaching Redcord

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Are you a Physiotherapist or Pilates instructor who wants to use Redcord with your clients? PhysioTrain offers accredited courses in Redcord Active and Neurac with Master Trainer Andrew Hoare.

Learn more about our Redcord Active and Neurac courses.