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Redcord suspension exercise supervised

Redcord Neurac® Treatment

PhysioTrain Brighton offers a unique treatment method for musculoskeletal ailments called Neurac® (Neuromuscular Activation).

With over 20 years of experience with pain treatment and rehabilitation, Redcord is the common thread between healthcare and an active life.

Enhanced wellbeing and sports performance 

Redcord® is the leading provider of solutions for functional enhancing exercise. The solutions will enhance physical functioning and general wellbeing as well as sports performance. Redcord offers high-level competence related to treatment of musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunction.

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Neurac treatment

NEURomuscular ACtivation (NEURAC)

Neurac is an abbreviation of Neuromuscular Activation and consists of therapeutic exercises in Redcord slings. The aim of the Neurac Method is to restore pain free movement patterns and improve function. Neurac Treatment challenges the interplay between muscles and is focusing on what is causing the problem – not only the symptoms.

Science shows that pain and/or inactivity can disturb signals sent to the muscles from the brain. This disturbance can lead to impaired muscle interaction causing some muscles to be overloaded and painful.

The method includes testing procedures, called Neurac Testing, to identify dysfunctions and muscular imbalances. Neurac Testing is systematically examining the body to identify weaknesses in the muscle chains. If a weakness is identified it is called a Weak Link.

Neurac Treatment focuses on correcting the Weak Links thereby reducing the strain on the overloaded muscles. Often immediate pain relief and/or improved function can be achieved.

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