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Redcord – a leading injury assessment and exercise tool

More than 20 years of research and clinical experience in Norway has made Redcord a leading concept for active treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction.

The term “A Red Cord” in Norwegian translates as “the common thread” and the Redcord system of assessment and exercise provides the link between rehabilitation, functional training and sporting performance.

Helping achieve optimum movement

Optimal function depends on synergy between the muscles that control movement (the synergists and stabilisers) and those that create the movement (prime movers).

Pain and dysfunction can occur when there is a lack of coordinated muscle activity, balance and/or proprioception. Movement depends on a complex interaction between the motor programs in the brain, receptors that provide feedback / feedforward, joint stability, and activation of specific muscle groups.

The sensorimotor system is responsible for this interaction and control of the interplay between prime movers and synergists. Studies have shown that the stabiliser muscles tend to switch off due to pain and/or lack of use. This leads to impaired quality movement, decreased strength and control, tiredness and poor performance. Even when the original pain subsides, the program can remain ‘switched off’, leading to chronic dysfunction and additional pain. These conditions become chronic or recurrent without active treatment.


The power of Redcord

The power of the Redcord approach is in its ability to detect “weak links” in the kinetic chain. This is called Redcord Kinetic Testing and provides a reproducible framework for finding and measuring imbalances and deficiencies. The system is then used to apply an appropriate load to allow the deficient muscles to switch back on and be reintegrated into the clients movement patterns.

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