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Neurac courses

The Neurac course program consists of 3 educational levels.

PhysioTrain is pleased to offer training for Neurac 1.

  • Neurac 1 is a three day course introducing the participants to the basic principles, exercises and techniques in the Neurac method.

  • Neurac 2 consists of 5 courses that focus on different body parts plus Neurac Stimula where vibration is used to enhance treatment outcomes.

  • Neurac 3 is a two day course with a final examination to qualify as a Certified Neurac Provider


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Neurac 1

Duration: 3 days (21 contact hours)

Neurac 1 is an introduction to Redcord Suspension Exercise and Neurac in treatment and rehabilitation. This is a practical course with emphasis on active participation. You’ll learn clinical testing and decision making, treatment techniques for specific body parts as well as activation of local and global muscles.

The course is founded on up-to-date research and long standing scientific principles within exercise and active rehabilitation. It is suitable for all Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. The course aims to expand your knowledge on suspension training.

Neurac treatment

Topics covered:

  • Background, definitions, and basic principles for Redcord Suspension Exercise and Neurac

  • Theory on neuromuscular control and musculoskeletal dysfunction

  • Introduction to the helping hand principle as a therapeutic assist

  • Neurac Testing for local motor control and myofascial chains

  • Neurac Treatment for local motor control and myofascial chains

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