Create a new pattern with Redcord

Did you know that all movement is the result of patterns?  Humans have a sequence of limb movement, muscle contraction and transfer of forces that allows us to move our bodies and interact with the world.  Some of these patterns, such as walking are hard-wired, having been developed gradually from birth.  Others, such as a golf swing, are less robust and will vary greatly between individuals and over time.

‘Use it or lose it’ is the motto for these neurological patterns.  The pathways are strengthened by repetition and weakened from lack of stimulation when not in use.  Injury also has an effect on these patterns, and research has shown that to avoid pain, humans will adopt a less efficient movement pattern, such as bracing their muscles or holding their posture differently.  It has also been shown that an altered pattern often continues even when the original injury has healed.  All the pieces are in place for normal movement, what is missing is the return of the more efficient, pain-free pattern.

So how can we re-wire this pattern?  PhysioTrain clinics use Redcord, an approach developed from over 20 years of research by Physiotherapists in Norway.  Redcord uses body weight suspension exercises to challenge not just the muscles but the nervous system, which allows the dormant pattern to re-emerge.  Exercising using Redcord is like turning up the dimmer switch to muscles that have been inactive due to pain inhibition, inactivity or poor patterning.

The key to the success of the Redcord system is the precise assessment and grading of resistance. Although new to Australia, Redcord has a loyal following in gyms, Olympic training facilities and physiotherapy practices throughout Europe and Asia.  Athletes using Redcord include Tour De France winner Cadel Evans, the Norwegian National Ski Team and Suzann Pettersen, LPGA golf player.

Exercises in Redcord are pain-free and can help people who want to recover from injury, build strength, improve balance and function at a higher level.

For more information or to make an appointment with a Redcord trained Physiotherapist contact your nearest PhysioTrain clinic today.  

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