The power of posture

Good posture is more than just how we present ourselves to the world. It is more than just standing tall and pulling your shoulders back. Good posture ensures that all of your joints, muscles and organs are in their proper position and given the best opportunity to function at their full potential.

Our bodies are built for constant movement, with occasional bursts of increased intensity. This means that ordinarily our postural muscles would be strong from holding us up against gravity, and this strength would provide the base from which higher intensity activity could happen. With our sedentary lifestyles, we adopt passive postures that do not require the same level of muscular support, such as sitting on the couch or slouching when we stand. We then try to make up for these long periods of inactivity with very short bursts of very high intensity exercise.

Many people do not have the strength or muscular endurance to sit up straight in their chair or even stand tall while waiting for the tram, yet they think it will be OK to play a game of squash at high intensity, run 10km or hit 100 golf balls. No wonder many people carry around a variety of niggles, often just justified as ‘getting old’.

At PhysioTrain, we don’t believe this has to be the case! All of our practitioners can give you advice on how to stand properly, how to sit properly and how to protect your back when lifting. We can give you exercises to do at home that will improve your postural awareness and help you to improve your posture, manage your injuries and improve your sporting performance.

We are among the first Physiotherapists in Australia to use the Redcord suspension system to assess the body for weak links, enabling us to provide a far more tailored exercise program to our clients.

Posture has been described as a ‘window to your spine’. All of your body’s structures and processes are reflected in your posture – so isn’t it time you started paying it some attention? Start by performing the active standing exercise, and see our article on prolonged sitting for further advice.

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