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Tim Sayer

B.Sc (Hons), DPT, PhD Candidate and Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Tim has a passion for sports medicine with an interest in knee injuries, athletic development, and injury prevention. Tim is currently completing his PhD at the Centre for Health Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM) at The University of Melbourne where he undertakes research into female lower limb biomechanics related to traumatic knee injury such as ACL rupture and running mechanics associated with anterior knee pain.

Tim integrates his sophisticated knowledge of lower limb biomechanics, weightlifting credentials and Redcord suspension exercise in his assessment of all his patients, providing a tailored plan to achieve each patients goal.

Tim also has a special interest in athletics/track and field, with physiotherapy roles at Nitro Athletics and Athletics Victoria. He is also a member of The Stride, a network of clinicians with a special interest in track and field.

Tim is currently an Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) member, teaches physiotherapy subjects to University of Melbourne students and recently served as a paediatric physiotherapy committee member.

Outside of physiotherapy, you’ll find Tim on his bike, running, competing in the occasional triathlon or simply relaxing with friends and family.

Tim is available at PhysioTrain’s Brighton clinic.

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