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Physio and massage

Make an instant online booking to see one of our expert Physiotherapists or massage therapists   

Exercise rehab classes 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently not able to offer group classes. Please call 9592 1460 to book a one-on-one exercise rehab consultation  

Frequently asked questions

Why should I book online?

Booking online saves you time. It allows you to book an appointment or your rehabilitation classes in advance, so you know your spot is reserved for you. You can log on and check your future bookings, and you can cancel or reschedule a class up to four hours in advance.

How many exercise rehabilitation classes can I book?

If you have purchased a 10 Class Pass you can book as many classes online as you like, as long as you have current PhysioTrain credits for the classes you want to book.

When do I pay for the classes I book?

When you book in for an exercise rehabilitation class, one credit will automatically be reserved from your 10 Class Pass. When we reach the four-hour point before the class, this credit is automatically deducted. If you do not have any credit, you will be prompted to use the MindBody secure gateway to pay for either one or multiple sessions.

Can I cancel or change a booking?

For exercise rehabilitation classes, you can change or cancel your booking online up to four hours before the scheduled class start time. When you cancel your booking, your class credit will be refunded automatically. We are strict on this four-hour cancellation limit as it allows us to offer your spot to another client. 

What happens if I miss a class?

When you book your place in a class, we’ll hold that place for you, and potentially turn away other clients from the class. Out of respect for others, it’s important that you only book for classes you can definitely attend.  If you don’t make it to a class you’ve booked for, your class credit will still be deducted, just as if you’d attended the class (unless you cancel more than four hours before the class of course).

How can I check which classes I've booked?

In the MINDBODY app under the “MY INFO” tab, look for “My Schedule” – this will have all of your forward appointments.   From this section you can also access information about your Visit and Purchase History.