Pain changes the way we move and altered movement can produce pain. 

We use Redcord to see where your movement patterns have changed, and to detect and then correct your areas of weakness or lack of control.

quality over quantity 

Train smarter, not harder with Redcord

More than 20 years of research and experience makes Redcord a leading tool for the active treatment of injuries. 

With Redcord’s suspension slings and bungee cords, your body weight is supported as your exercise. Redcord improves muscle control and stability because each exercise focuses on the quality of the movement. Redcord combines three unique features: unstable movement in the ropes; weight-bearing exercises; and it allows for 3D movement. This produces a unique combination of exercise that you will not get to experience in other studios. 

Redcord takes suspension training to the next level. It allows anyone – no matter their age, condition or strength – to safely do suspension exercise. 

Our Physiotherapists use Redcord to diagnose and treat injuries, and our clients love to exercise using the Redcord suspension slings during our rehabilitation classes.

Achieve optimum movement

The term ‘A Red Cord’ in Norwegian translates as ‘the common thread’ and the Redcord system of assessment and exercise provides the link between rehabilitation, functional training and sporting performance.

The power of Redcord

The power of Redcord is its ability to detect weak spots in the body. These ‘weak links’ in the body are found through an approach called Kinetic Testing, which gives Physiotherapists a reproducible framework for finding and measuring imbalances in the body. 

Redcord suspension exercises are then used to apply safe load to allow weak muscles to switch back on and help clients move and feel better. 


Use redcord in your clinic 

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Are you a Physiotherapist or Pilates instructor who wants to use Redcord with clients?

We offer accredited courses in Redcord Active and Neurac with Master Trainer Andrew Hoare. 

Neuromuscular activation using Redcord 

It’s scientifically proven that pain or inactivity can distort signals the brain sends to our muscles.

This disruption leads to muscular incoordination, causing certain muscles to overload and cause pain.

Neurac treatment focuses on correcting weak links in the body and eliminating the overloading of muscles that cause pain and dysfunction

Pain changes the recruitment-motor pattern and motor-control strategies. 

The altered muscle pattern may persist after the disappearance of pain

Treatment using Redcord Neurac usually results in immediate pain reduction and improved body movement and function

Neuromuscular (Neurac) tests systematically examine the body by identifying weaknesses in the different muscle chains



There are more than 90 scientific studies that prove Redcord works