Relieve pain
Restore movement
Enhance performance

Our experienced Physiotherapists can quickly relieve your pain, transform your movement and help you reach your health and fitness goals.  

Why choose us?

PhysioTrain has been providing progressive, patient focused physiotherapy for more than 10 years.


We provide musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, clinical pilates and exercise rehabilitation classes, NDIS support and massage services to the local community and beyond. We are also Australia’s leading provider of Redcord suspension exercise. 


We ensure our patients understand their condition, and receive expert support to move from pain to improved  health, fitness and physical performance.

Pain and injury affect how you move, but they also affect how you think and feel. We want to help you move from being in pain to achieving your health and fitness goals with our three-stage pain to performance approach.  

The first stage in the process is to quickly relieve your pain and help you to start moving again.

Here, our expert Physios will listen, assess, treat and educate you to quickly relieve pain and help get you back on track. Your treatment might involve soft-tissue therapy, taping, dry needling, massage and exercise prescription.

Now that your pain is under control, we’ll help you to restore movement. Some muscles may be tight, while others may be weak, and often these issues can linger long after the pain has gone away.

In the second stage, we use unique assessment tools like Redcord to find the underlying cause of your pain and injury. Here’s where we’ll help you correct weak spots in the body, improve your technique, transform your movement and get you back to doing what you love.

In the final stage, we’ll help you to continually improve your strength, endurance and resilience to enhance your health and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Our Physio-led exercise rehabilitation classes can help you exceed your health, fitness and performance goals.

Our approach is aimed at helping you move from pain to improved health, fitness and physical performance. Book an appointment to see us today and get your journey to started. 

Our locations

PhysioTrain has two clinics in Melbourne providing expert Physiotherapy treatment and exercise rehabilitation classes

Brighton Clinic

Malvern East Clinic


Recover from injury, get stronger or improve your sporting performance with help from our expert Physios.


At our Brighton and Malvern East clinics, we’ll get you back on your feet, back to work, back playing sport or back doing what you love quickly.

Our Physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal, sport and work-related injuries. Learn more


Join a rehabilitation class today

Say goodbye to pain, build strength, flexibility and balance, and increase your fitness in our small group exercise rehabilitation classes.


Our one-hour classes are designed and run by qualified and experienced Physiotherapists. They include safe and challenging Clinical Pilates exercises using reformer beds,  and suspension exercises using Redcord.


Health insurance rebates are available. Learn more

Remedial and Sports Massage

If your neck and shoulders are stiff from sitting at work or you’ve pulled a hammy at footy, our massage treatments can help to ease aches and pains, relieve tension and make you feel healthier and more relaxed. Learn more

get faster results   

Experience the power of Redcord exercise

We use Redcord – a suspension training tool – to diagnose, treat and prevent injury. 


Sling suspension exercises can provide faster results including immediate pain relief and improved movement.

Redcord helps our clients avoid pain, perform better, stay active and prevent injury. Learn more

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