Why suspension exercise is so good for you

The power of Redcord suspension exercise

July 29, 2021

Suspension exercises with slings may look intimidating, but with Redcord suspension training is safe and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 


Developed in Norway in 1991, Redcord in Norwegian translates as ‘the common thread’ and the Redcord system of assessment and exercise provides the link between injury rehabilitation, functional training and sporting performance.


Pain changes the way we move and altered movement can produce pain. At PhysioTrain we use Redcord in two ways: 

  1. As an assessment tool – to see where your movement patterns have changed; and 
  2. As an exercise rehabilitation tool – to detect and then correct your areas of weakness or lack of control. 


The power of Redcord is its ability to detect weak spots in the body. These ‘weak links’ in the body are found through an approach called Kinetic Testing, which gives our Physiotherapists a reproducible framework for finding and measuring imbalances in the body. 


Redcord suspension exercises are then used to apply safe load to allow weak muscles to switch back on and help clients move and feel better. Exercising with Redcord is gentle and effective because the body is supported with the help of elastic bungee cords. Research has shown that sling suspension exercises like those performed using Redcord, can provide faster results for clients that want to perform better, prevent injury, avoid pain or just want to stay active. 


How does Redcord work?

Two key components set Redcord apart from other suspension exercise equipment. 


1. Suspension 

Suspension is a fun and challenging way to perform exercises that support physical rehabilitation and improved sporting performance. Performing precise movement patterns in unsteady ropes is the foundation of suspension exercise. By leveraging your own body weight as the resistance, you can do hundreds of movements (bridge, plank, squat, pull up, etc.) using the Redcord ropes or slings. Each exercise demands total body awareness and accurate muscle control to help you build a lasting core foundation and a stable body in less time than conventional training methods.


2. Bungee assisted

Redcord takes suspension exercise to the next level. By introducing slings and bungee cords, we can unload and support your body throughout each exercise. Similar to floating in a pool, this zero-gravity environment helps you better control your movement, without the interference of pain or compensation. You can apply higher resistances (i.e., more body weight) by releasing some of the pull of these bungees. You can also add more instability and neuromuscular challenge by shaking the ropes, a technique called perturbation.


Who is Redcord suitable for?

Redcord allows anyone – no matter their age, condition or strength – to safely do suspension exercise. Many people we work with have recurrent or acute injury and pain resulting from overworked muscles and weaknesses in muscle interaction. From overuse injuries in recreational athletes to clients with sore backs and stiff shoulders, Redcord can be used to improve movement and build strength. 


If you want to try suspension exercise training and experience the benefits of Redcord for yourself, then make a booking for an initial Physio consultation and we’ll get you started!